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PostSubject: Ranks List   Ranks List EmptySat Jul 13, 2013 8:51 pm

Like a Star @ heaven Leader: Rules the clan in any way. Have limitless power, also commands the servers and forums. Have SA Password and Website Admin Power. Rank is in lead.

Like a Star @ heaven Co-Leader: Helps leaders to control the clan. Have too much power. Make people in or out and also control wars. Can make people promote or demote according to reports of senior superiors and fresh superiors. Have SA Password and Website Admin Power. Rank is in lead.

Like a Star @ heaven Senior Superior: Most helpful rank of Co Leader. Have much power. Control and organise the tests for players wanted to join. After test, report the result to superiors to decide. Rank is in management. Have SA Password.

Like a Star @ heaven Fresh Superior: Last rank of management. Controls and organise trainings, make reports after trainings and present results to superiors. Investigate players have joined server if they cheat or not and also report it. Have SA Password.

Like a Star @ heaven Manager: A noble rank. Rank is not in management but almost a SuperAdmin. Rank can accept the wars if already asked but can not offer oppenent's mix war without permission. Rank has to care about players in clan. For example; which time clan players are online, how they play, what is their playing style, what to develop them etc. Leader of Admins and responsible of their actions. Have A password.

Like a Star @ heaven Co-Manager: Helper of manager. Can manage wars if already asked but cannot offer war. Special mission of this rank is; showing people forum, making people join server. Briefly making clan reputation up and better. Also has to check website like comments, editings, posts. Rank is in administiration. If it is proved as necessary can make bans. Have A password.

Like a Star @ heaven Director: This rank is for experienced members. Rank is the most responsible rank from server. Owner of rank has to be sure everything is fine in server. Can change map or something else about server if it is asked him to do. Also able to join the wars. Rank is in administiration. Have A password.

Like a Star @ heaven Co-Director: Last rank is in administiration. Most important work to do is being active in all the time controlling the server. Director or co director has to be in server if it is full. Can make kicks to be sure server is running well. Has to report kicks to director for checking out. Have A password.

Like a Star @ heaven Senior Member: This rank is so close to be an admin. It is for experienced members. If asked owner of the rank can join member tests. Has to be active at forum and server all the time for promotion as admin. Have MaxJoin password.

Like a Star @ heaven Regular Member: It is for settled members. After 1-2 weeks joined the clan fresh members promoted to  regular member. So as may able to join trainings and feel like a brother. Has to work hard and play consistently to promote. Have maxjoin password.  

Like a Star @ heaven Fresh Member: It is whats your rank after pass the test. In 1-2 weeks if your behaviour and playing also activation accepted as a regular member rank promote as a member. Only has right to use server and forum. If owner of the rank doesn't have quality to be in clan can be kicked in 1-2 weeks.

For more information and also for questions feel free to ask your management team. First of all this rank system is for us. It is for be sure everybody in this clan working for it and have rights and works to do. It is like ups and downs. Everybody responsible for lower rank and will be asked about it if its need. If you like to use your powers you have to do your works. Whoever doesn't fit in rank will be demoted as quickly.

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